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All Speech is Free Speech

12. May 2012

However, my point is that the right of holding and voicing disagreeable opinions needs to be protected by any means (likewise the right to ridicule them); but that advocating or enacting legislation against minorities and/or inspired by the supposed will of a fictional almighty character should be banned everywhere (not just in Iran or in Saudi Arabia).

I certainly support the first “claim” since I support Free Speech. Free Speech should however never be abused to speak for a fictional character to justify your own behavior. Therefor I can’t say I’m not supporting it. Minorities is something that disturbs me here, because advocating against another group, no matter how big, should be “banned”. Groups speaking against and opposing each other should be able to explain their reasoning covered by Free Speech. No matter what they say, you can argue against them.

That’s my current point, based on my current opinion. Some of my opinions have changed through the years.

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