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Picking a blogging service.

12. May 2012

I wanted  certain things.

– No service that’s run by Google

I don’t mind Google, but Google is very big and gets many data. I don’t thing Google is evil, but gets many data from many sources. I wanted to control what data they get from me and potential readers.

– No default connections to social websites like Facebook, Twitter, G+ and so on

I wanted to control which, if any, social websites get data of me an potential readers.

– SSL Login at least

I wanted to keep at least passwords secret. Best would be complete SSL.


I picked WordPress because all of the above was meet.

WordPress has some bugs from time to time, but even some “security gurus” use it. PHP is buggy, too.

Certain things are hard to achieve. Like control over trackers. Avoiding PHP is another example.


I also picked WordPress because it seems reliable. Also since I will cover Tor there are enough users they can blend into. Congrats WP.

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  1. Something that did not work was not having the default connection to twitter.

    While I could try hard to remove it, I find it reasonable and so it will stay as it provides much functionality.

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