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Switching my default search engine to DuckDuckGo

13. May 2012

I switched from Google to DuckduckGo as Google changed the policy and now combines all data. Honestly I was surprised that they didn’t already, but then I started to worry about the fact that Google is everywhere.

Google is still not bad, at least from my point of view, but gets a lot of data. I was using Scroogle from time to time, but it went away.

I found DuckDuckGo as a good alternative. You have control over various things. I’m quite happy with the results. Finding images is far better with Google, but DDG is improving it’s search.




– DDG says they wont track. We don’t track.

– DDG says it wouldn’t bubble you. Don’t bubble us.

The Privacy Policy

– Https search is available

– You can choose between POST and GET

Quality of data:

– Less SPAM (content farms, your search query in a search form, but no results)

– zero-click results

I like the bang system. Where you type “!github tor2web” for example and end up on Github with results for tor2web. That works inside the browser, so it’s very easy to use.

Available Bangs

At the current state it’s a little slower than other engines, when https is involved. They are working on that issue and it’s better in the states than it is outside of them.

And DuckDuckGo was added to the the TorBrowserBundle, along with Startpage.

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