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Upcoming analysis of Tor’s relay and bridge names

15. May 2012

Probably the last day I can call it “upcoming”. That’s the main reason I started this blog.

Up to this data the Tor Project published the bridge descriptors with sanitized nicknames (along information that could reveal the IP address or anything that makes it easy to guess it). That’s about to change, they plan to publish the nickname for various reasons.

Probably tomorrow, because no one objected so far, the May 2008 tarball will be released, containing the sanitized data. It will contain the nickname of course.

I agreed to look into the released data to compare nicknames of bridge and relays to find similarities between them. Since relay names and their IP addresses are public, it could be possible to guess an bridge IP. My only part in that is find the similarities, from the source data that anyone can download. The Tor Project will look into it and see if my findings would give any reason to be concerned about not sanitizing bridge (nick)names anymore.

Even if there would be tools which are able to find similarities between to lists I will not make use of them. My hypothetical approach was to compare names manually, so that’s what I got asked to do and that’s what  I will do. I did not find this particular useful, but I’m entirely open to my findings and the results.

I don’t know when I’ll be talking about it here, but I will. I added an category for that: “Research”. Well I don’t dare to call it “actual” research. I generally call it “comparison”, maybe analysis is acceptable as well.

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