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Release of comparison

19. May 2012

I posted my findings to the tor-dev list.

I’m not sure if the email gets displayed in the mail-clients like it appears in the archive. If that’s the case I should have uploaded the file somewhere else to avoid this. On the other hand it’s better if the data are archived.

I’m quoting myself here

Shortly after I agreed to do this, I downloaded the relay tarball and
started to figure out how I would get only what I needed. After I did
that I waited for the bridge tarball and did the same to it.


The comparison was done manually, but I’m sure a algorithm would have
found most of the similarities anyway. I took the list of bridge names
and compared it to the list of relay names. I looked for and included
exact matches and close similarities. After that there wasn’t much left
to look for on the bridge list. I looked a each bridge name and guessed
what it could be. I searched the Internet on them. I may have found
something that isn’t based on a naming scheme, but can be linked in
other ways.

The worst part was to put the lines together. I underestimated the time
the plain comparison would take, but copying the lines into findings.txt
took longer as I would have imagined. I’m not sure if my provided data
are the best in how I put the lines together.

The nicest part, even if it was time consuming, was to look for other
things that could link relay and bridge names together. It wasn’t as
successful as I hoped, but it was fun. Maybe because I like the universe
and mythology, which may influenced the findings to a higher degree as


The comparison, including copying the line together took approx. 08-10
hours. I really expected much less as I saw the relay names.

The total time spent was 12-15 hours. […]

Now I’m waiting for the results of my findings. I’m open for criticism so far. Once the results are there and no one objects I’m releasing data, which I created from the publicly available data, and describe what I did.

I guess I have to write some file, which I created already, which explains my steps.

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