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Reworked the about-page

19. May 2012

I edited the About-page to show off what visitors are connecting to.

It’s a lot of privacy and maybe anonymity information. I’d certainly like if more pages would tell visitors what they are all connecting to.

I haven’t told anyone about this blog so far, so no one is going to notice that I removed the categories from the navigation menu on the top. Anyway you can still type “category/[category name]” behind “” or use simply the category list on the right.

I need(ed) the space for other pages, which are not ready yet. I know that I don’t have to publish them, but I wanted to see how they appear in the menu.

I felt that there’s a need for a glossary. The plan is to include words that I have used already or that I’m going to use most likely. This should avoid that you have to look it up all across the Internet. For instance, I used the word bridge already. Most people certainly know what a bridge is, but in this case it’s not a bridge like the one anyone has in mind.

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