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DuckDuckGo bang to search the Tor wiki

20. May 2012

The Tor Bug-tracker and Wiki can be found at

When you don’t have a bookmark for that you need to type the address or visit the Tor Project homepage and follow a link on the bottom. When you are up to search something you have to type it into the search box.

The bang system of DuckDuckGo can be handy. It supports the Tor Wiki. Once you load the search page you can type “!torwiki $query” (without the quotes) and the search directs you to the Wiki where your query has been searched. It’s even faster when DuckDuckGo search engine is the selected in the search box. You just type “!torwiki $query” (without the quotes) and it works in the same way.

For instance typing “!torwiki #5855” (without the quotes) opens ticket 5855 directly. That’s pretty handy when you come across a change-log or a discussion that includes tickets, but does not link to them.

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