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How governments have tried to block Tor; a talk

20. May 2012

How governments have tried to block Tor.

A talk by Roger Dingledine and Jacob Appelbaum at the 28th ChaosCommunicationsCongress (28C3) on Youtube.

Beside the topic that’s included in the title already it covers UltraSurf. This talk is much older, than the date the review was published. If you are interested in details you should read the review.

You can download that talk directly from[…].mp4

You can download it via a torrent-client as well from[…].torrent

I picked those because they serve IPv4 and IPv6. Also there’s the possibility to use a torrent client. It’s perfectly legal to do so, since the content is on those servers with permission by the CCC. Here is the full weblog entry with the full list of mirrors.

Please note that the links point to an HQ h264 MP4 file, which are not covered by https:\\, but I couldn’t see a mirror that did that. I picked the format because it has the best quality vs. size ratio. Note that there are LQ h264 MP4 files available as well as WebM files. There are mirrors that provide mp3 and ogg vorbis files so you don’t even have to watch it, you can just listen to it. I’d like to see a VP8 encoded video (or it’s open successor) with probably ogg vorbis encoded audio (or it’s open successor) in an matroska container, which is also open source. I would link those instead.

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