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Jacob Appelbaum – Linuxconfau2012 – Keynote

20. May 2012

Jacob Appelbaum speaking at the Linuxconfau2012 on Youtube.

It’s already several months old, but I came across it today and watched it. It’s an interesting talk and the linked video is almost 1 hour and 18 minutes long. The reasons why I didn’t embed the video directly are
a) I don’t want to expose visitors to Youtube and therefor Google by default. When one is fine with that, like me that has no problem with the world knowing that I watched this video, he is free to watch it on Youtube.
b) the video is a Flash video, that requires the Flash player.

It’s kind of depressing to know that the government is observing anyone and takes special care of people that are befriended with persons of national interest.

Free Software, Open Source, software is something you can also help. Free Software in this case stands for freedom. It’s confusing because lot’s of websites where you can download software use “Free Software” as free of charge software, which is closed source and “Open Source” is free of charge software, which is open source.

Free Open Source Software (FOSS) is really not used by such sites, but they should do so.

Maybe I’ll post some links to other talks of Jacob and on Tor of course, while not attempting to build an Jacob Appelbaum shrine.

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