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Results of comparison

21. May 2012

Here are the results of the comparison of the May 2008 tarballs.[…]/tor-dev/2012-May/003553.html

Results are that 24 of your 81 guesses (30%) were correct in the sense
that a bridge was at least once running in the same /24 as the relay
with similar nickname. At any time in May 2008, you’d have located
between 1 and 6 bridges (2.5% to 18%) with 3 bridges (10%) in the mean
via nickname similarity.

It was the first month, which wasn’t even complete, with bridges, so there where not that many bridges and people tested a lot.

The results are good enough, from the Tor peoples perspective, to release the rest of the tarballs. I agreed on comparing tarballs from 2012.

For now I assume that things will be different.

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