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Volunteer QA: Check the Tor Browser Bundle

24. May 2012

The Tor Project is looking for volunteers to review the Browser Bundle. Tor Blog Entry.

The QA (Quality Assurance) is an important part of the whole process.

However, we also know that even the keystone of true security is not yet properly in place. We know that we must properly deploy this keystone, or we risk the collapse of everything we have built so far.

That keystone is the community that reviews our designs. It is the community that audits our source code. It is the community that tests the binaries produced from that source code. It is the community that will verify that the binaries that we distribute are produced from that source code and nothing else.

It is time to organize our community into place to serve as that keystone. We cannot have true security without it.

To help us get started, we will also need people who simply create independent builds for others to compare against our official builds. I suspect that many reversers and hobbyists interested in learning reversing may find devoting the system resources and time to build their own TBB binaries a prohibitive barrier.

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