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Progress of March 2012 comparison

1. Jun 2012

I agreed on comparing the bridge and relay names of two 2012 tarballs. I picked March 2012, because they contained the bridge peak and the relays where at a stable amount.

I processed the data, with some different tools. They have been built for Linux, but they got compiled or ported to Windows. With those tools and an automation “batch” for some steps it took 30 minutes to get the data I needed. Getting used to the tools took some time, but I “played” with them before I started so the time for that is not included in the 30 minutes.

On the previous comparison I could only estimate the time I spent on the actual comparison, but this time I want to report the time spent more precisely. For this goal I used a stopwatch.

The comparison is done entirely manual. I’m surprised how many relays and bridges are named exactly the same. Some are pretty close. So far I spent 08 hours and 45 minutes on comparing relay and bridge names. I’m done with the plain comparison and will start to find other ways to link bridge and relay names together. My approach for the previous comparison was to look at any bridge name, guess or look up what it means and look for a corresponding name on the relay list. I guess I will not do that for so many bridges.

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