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BOINC – distributed computing for science

2. Jun 2012

It’s off-topic here, therefor it’s under “Private”.

First: Tor operators might find it not interesting. When you run a Tor relay your system might be loaded in terms of CPU an memory, BOINC would most likely unable to do anything or hurt the performance of Tor. I don’t want that to happen.

When you run a bridge it might be possible to run BOINC as well. If you don’t run Tor, try using it and consider running a bridge ;)! You should be able to run BOINC, depending on the project you choose.

What is BOINC?

BOINC is open source software that runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, and allows scientific research by letting computers of volunteers, distributed all over the world, process so-called workunits in their idle time.

What can I compute for, how long does it take?

You can compute for medical, mathematical, biological, astronomical and other projects. The time it takes per unit depends on the projects you pick.

Find out more.

The source code lives in SVN.

The client got updated to version 7.x.x.xx and features OpenCL support.

Beside other projects I picked SIMAP. While most projects have plenty of work available all the time SIMAP publishes new workunits at the end or the begin of a month. Work is available only a week or a couple of days. Computing takes one or two weeks. Each workunit takes around 30 minutes, but it depends on the system BOINC runs on.

SIMAP stands for Similarity Matrix of Proteins. SIMAP calculates the similarities and domains of proteins. You can see results here by searching the database.

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