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Results of March 2012 comparison

6. Jun 2012

Here are the results of my comparison:

Results are that 205 of your 308 guesses (66%) were correct in the sense
that a bridge was at least once running in the same /24 as the relay
with similar nickname. At any time in March 2012, you’d have located
between 26 and 46 bridges (1.7% to 3.3%) with 37 bridges (2.5%) in the
mean via nickname similarity.

Your accuracy went up from 30% in your May 2008 analysis to 66%, but the
overall fraction of bridges you’d have located went down from 10% to
2.5% in the mean.

While we call it done, I still have to publish the improved way of processing the data, which is still improvable. Also the finding of exact matches could be automated.

If you think you can come up with a vastly improved rate of located
bridges of, say, 5% or more, I can look at another findings.txt of yours
for a different month than March 2012.

If anyone wants to do that with me it would be great.

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