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Heavily modified extraction method

10. Jun 2012

I improved the method for the second comparison I ran.

After that I changed even more, so that it’s quicker and more automated. One does not have to do so much manually anymore.




However there are still things one has to do manually. Download could be done with wget and 7zip could unpack the data via CMD-line. That could be added to the “batch”, but I saw little to no gain. One thing I would have liked to do is to remove the dates with the “batch”, but wasn’t able to do so.

Whenever one is up to do a new comparison with a tool that prints out duplicates there might be changes needed. For instance printing out column 2 (nickname) and 3 (fingerprint), while the comparison tool compares the nicknames only, but includes the fingerprints in it’s output.

When possible something like, relay-input and bridge-input, where the final output is:
[nickname of relay] [fingerprint]
[nickname of bridge] [fingerprint]
(or the other way around)

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