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21. Jun 2012

How Safe is your password?

What the industry should do?
Ensure secured authentication system using SSL

Support Two-factor authentication. Usually it is your password with a second key, which can be changing.[…]

Although SSL has weak points, I agree that it’s safer when the password is encrypted on the wire.

Two-factor authentication is useful for systems that protect critical personal information and financial information or transactions.

Passwords and protection can be picked to what they should protect.

If the provider is not ready to put on significant amount of time and resource to secure your password they should let is handled by an authentication provider who is up for it. Like using OAuth or OpenID

I do like those systems, you don’t have to trust a myriad of services. Again do not reuse passwords. Remember that those systems could be a “single-point-of-failure”. They should take security serious or an attacker could gain access to all of the accounts.


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  1. we try to make the best out of what we have…..
    Security is not a solution it is a way of life
    thanks for your comments and reblog :-) cheers

    • Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Indeed security is not provided by default. It’s a process, you have to keep up with changes. As you phrase it. “a way of life”. Cheers, Sebastian

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