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John The Ripper got updated

4. Jul 2012

I’m avoiding links since this tool is quite borderline. John The Ripper is a tool to crack passwords and therefor some say it’s evil. While I say it’s a tool and like technology or mostly anything else it has no moral on it’s own; it’s how you use it and what you use it for. However you find it when you need it, but I’d like to be safe here.

John The Ripper got updated to 1.7.9 jumbo 7 and added CUDA and OpenCL support, which means it can utilize the GPU and therefor it is much faster.

CUDA and OpenCL are not available for all cracking operations. For instance the new version adds support for master passwords of Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey which does not use CUDA or OpenCL. Please use OpenCL when you can, it’s open.

The more power your opponent has the stronger your password needs to be. A legitimate use for John The Ripper would be to check the strength of your own passwords. Beside that it open .odt and .docx (among others) for you in case you forgot the passwords for them.

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