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Call for discussion: Turning funding into more exit relays

24. Jul 2012

The Tor Project plans to get some funding for adding more exit relays to the Tor network. Please read their blog post.

Discussion will be possible at their mailinglist. See the archive for tor-relays. And here is the mail that starts the discussion and calls for participants.

Why do they want more exits and what are they good for?

[…] much of our performance improvement comes from better load balancing — that is, concentrating traffic on the relays that can handle it better. The result though is a direct tradeoff with relay diversity: on today’s network, clients choose one of the fastest 5 exit relays around 25-30% of the time, and 80% of their choices come from a pool of 40-50 relays.

Since extra capacity is clearly good for performance, and since we’re not doing particularly well at diversity with the current approach, we’re going to try an experiment: we’ll connect funding to exit relay operators so they can run bigger and/or better exit relays.

If we do it right (make more faster exit relays that aren’t the current biggest ones, so there are more to choose from), we will improve the network’s diversity as well as being able to handle more users.

About what amount of exits do we talk about?

We’ve lined up our first funder (BBG, aka, and they’re excited to have us start as soon as we can. They want to sponsor 125+ fast exits.

What do they want to discuss about?

1) What exactly would we pay for?
2) Should we fund existing relays or new ones?
4) What exactly do we mean by diversity?
5) How much “should” an exit relay cost?
6) How exactly should we choose which exit relay operators to reimburse?
7) How do we audit / track the sponsored relays?
8) Legal questions?

Maybe you find something else to add.

I just disabled the comments here, so you don’t try to participate where it doesn’t make much sense and would end up unheard.

I have not participated, yet. First I’m going to see what others gave to consider.

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