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Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.38-1 released

18. Aug 2012

Please note Vidalia has not been updated so its’ annoying (harmless) bugs are still present. You will get an error when you try to save a modified torrc. You can edit the file manually (outside of Vidalia) or remove all comments (#) from the torrc.


That has been changed:

Update Tor to
Update NoScript to 2.5
Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2.1

Please note that I don’t know what Tor changes.

I decided to offer the latest version for those who can’t access the mirrors. Unfortunately I can’t host it with this blog, because not every file-type is allowed. However I now use (for the moment) to “host” the files. For me it was good that it does not require a client (like Dropbox would) and that the connection is secured by https. It has some downsides as you can’t download the files directly from here. You have to visit the website and download from there. It also requires JavaScript. It may also load resources from and, which is not ideal in terms of privacy. I used Mediafire for sharing, but it loads resources from Facebook and Google as well. is an improvement, but not ideal depending from what point of view you look. However in cases where you are in need for the Tor Browser Bundle, but can’t get it easily the downsides of using such a service might be minor compared to the trouble you might get into when you don’t.

I told you to check the signature. Please check when the signature was made in order to prevent installing older versions. It comes down to point where you have to trust the sources you get your files from. I see myself as an improvement over a random download source, but it gets all down to the point that you have to trust me.

TBB 2.2.38-1 Download: [removed, outdated]
Signature for it: [removed, outdated]

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  1. People complaining about missing checksums. Please note that you are always in a better position when you check the signature. However I see the use for checksums/hashes.

    MD5: D6CAE888FA016D22000C53BCDD3F6211
    SHA-1: 40AF67EAFA6D823AA467DA594CFB3A9253F03114
    SHA-256: 4EE47ACD134AF1C2D7CDA0671DC3362A4CA86C04B873708CC063941CB007ACA0
    SHA-512: F6F2CECD98E9C4CDCF50299293CC7EC83CA7D06936A3DFD4A32AE246068380CFFB0C5C7F18DA7941EE0F8945555D0B59BBF9D39C7335BB64EF1000795E8FDB26

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