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Java(tm) Exploit in the wild, Act!

28. Aug 2012

You probably have heard about the Java(tm) bug, that is exploited in the wild and not fixed.

Since you can’t update, yet, you have two options when Java(tm) is present on your system.

a) Disable Java(tm) in your browser (please note that Java is not JavaScript)
b) Remove Java(tm) from your system

Option b) is truly the best option since it wasn’t the first critical bug in Java(tm) and I bet it won’t be the last. However you may require Java(tm) to run software that has been written in Java(tm) or contains functions that rely on Java (like some LanguageTool rule-sets for OpenOffice and LibreOffice). That leaves you with option a)

Option a) has to be repeated every time you update Java(tm). At least under Windows, what really sucks (The repeated disabling). Disabling it in the browser shouldn’t break many sites. German tax-payers may know one site that uses Java to function properly. For those sites that require Java(tm) you can enable and disable it afterwards.

How to disable it in Firefox?

Go to: Addons > Plugins

and look for the plugin called “Java(tm)”, depending on your platform there’s different text after “Java(tm)” it’s description is “Next Generation Java-Plugin”

Click “Disable” and you are fine.

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  1. I know that I’m a little late with this.

    I went a little crazy with the ™, but I’m better safe than sorry. With Oracle you never know.

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