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Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.39-4 released

23. Oct 2012

changes in Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.39-4

Update Firefox patches to prevent crashing (closes: #7128)
Update HTTPS Everywhere to 3.0.2
Update NoScript to 2.5.8

As always you can download it here.

The reason for this update was a crash that occurred due to patches that where applied to Firefox.

Checksums for “tor-browser-2.2.39-4_en-US.exe”

MD5: 417C4DB7917C92A12E02B6B240551A36
SHA-1: 48717B943AD8FBC376EF2632ED433B5AB9C38DAF
SHA-256: 973B395595F3B77E9FA2F908D98E6C3EFEBF91CFB5F2C73965EDBD782AAA16A9
SHA-512: D92E0B907F5DD68C23298DAAAF4CFEC9DF1B20514F77D2ACC56EB8C44B1A9541D8EFC0F49991E58AB0DA4ED1E52E51C54EDBB9CB5D41797CD38350FC45DA8C89

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  1. As you may or may not have noticed the SHA-512 checksum gets truncated (well not just shown fully). Copying worked fine, but I do something different. I’ll include them in the post. as “sourcecode”.

    It still gets cut off and copying works as before, but now you can click on “view source” to see it in total.

    If you can you are always better with checking the signature.

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