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Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.39-5 released

30. Oct 2012

changes in Tor Browser Bundle 2.2.39-5

Update Firefox to 10.0.10esr
Update NoScript to 2.5.9

The Firefox (Torbrowser) update fixes an XSS issue. (No Vidalia update, therefor the torrc editing bug is still present)

MD5: 52E8DAF8143661C9CA37D173A4B8E785
SHA-1: B690B8F2F58664205E74AD6CA89CEFE4E35DE897
SHA-256: 8494884022DF382E4709D181CAC2851836907AA945C861D55F6BDDB420FB5F04
SHA-512: C6B4EF1D7D8B1C0F6F029BF23E6CF3B46018AEA2EA6CE8DFE7F70BFEE5D56F4F880ADABCFB9FD1C1BC0927DA352F00FDDC7C3B20D8533348167282AABB70BFB4

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