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On bullying and the death of Amanda Todd

9. Nov 2012

Society is strange at least at times.

This is on the death of Amanda Todd (15 years old) which happened on 10th October 2012, but won’t discuss the actual case in detail. I wrote this later to avoid jumping on the bandwagon. I assume that people don’t look up her name so don’t end up on this site.

Her death was popular due to the fact that it’s used for campaigning against (cyber-)bullying. I don’t think her case is the best for that purpose. It’s good that they don’t seem to give much on the cyper stuff. (I also won’t try to argue for or against the word ‘cyber’)

It is known that bullying exists and people just don’t seem to care all that much. That usually changes when the Internet is somehow involved. Bullying seems to be a society problem rather than an educational problem, although education sure helps to prevent some cases from happening. The whole: “Don’t do something to someone, that you wouldn’t want him to do to you!” seems to be around for as long as I remember. I can’t find a solution to make this stop.

Parents of the aggressor may have failed to do a proper job, but that can’t be the case all the time. It’s all about the aggressors, since they are the one that get active. Victims usually can’t prevent this form happening.

Society has to care about, right? I saw Canada (beside others) as a country with high moral understanding, but now I’m worried that some people are such dicks that it damages society. In fact I believe and believed before that suicides would happened all around the globe; caused by various factors.

On 7th September 2012 Amanda Todd posted a video on Youtube. She told her story by holding cards in the camera and removed one by one. I recommend you to watch it. At this time she had attempted suicide twice.

I watched the video 2-3 days after her death, prior to that I had no knowledge about it. To be honest I don’t know what I would have done when I had seen the video as she was still alive. The video made me sad and angry.

She was taken seriously because her parents moved to let her go to another school, but she took alcohol and drugs. It’s quite sad that drugs are in reach of 15 year olds.

The guy that convinced her to show her breasts on camera, during a video chat, and blackmailed her with a picture of is an absolute douche-bag. He took the photo and he published it; used it later as profile picture for an Facebook account.

After he create the Facebook page, she lost her new friends at school. Those weren’t friends then. She changed the school again. She chatted with “an old guy friend” who already had a girlfriend. He invited her to his house, where they had sex. A huge mistake for sure.

She was mentally and physically attacked by the girlfriend and a group of others. Probably friends of the girlfriend. Up to this point I can understand the point for making fun of someone that did something naive like baring breasts on camera, although it shouldn’t result in bullying I also understand the girlfriend who seeks revenge, but don’t agree with her.

After a week of assault she drank bleach to commit suicide (first suicide attempt). Her bullies posted on Facebook she’d deserve it, they hoped she was dead.

After that they uploaded pictures of bleach and tagged the photos with her name. They said she should try different brand of bleach and hope she’d die this time. It’s hard to believe that this was 6 months later.

Despite anti-depressants and counseling, she took an overdose. (second suicide attempt)

The hardest part here are the bullies that just won’t stop. They did not even stop after her death and posted on a memorial page. They are just full of shit.

I don’t agree with the approach Anonymous took. They figured out who the guy was that took the photo of her and published his name and address. I don’t believe in self-justice. (We had a case in Germany where a child was murmured and the suspected murder was innocent. A bunch of people stood in front of the police station and wanted him to come out. They wanted to murder him.)

Well she made mistakes, but what happened to her is something you don’t wish your worst foe to go through. When you are in rage, yes sure you wish him/her death, but that shouldn’t last for long. You are a very fucked up person if you still hate someone after several months have passed to such a degree that you would want him/her to kill himself/herself. And you are much more fucked up if you don’t stop after someone is dead. (That’s valid for murders that have been sentenced to death; IMO their death doesn’t change a thing)

To get back to “some people are dicks” let’s have a look at the Youtube comments. There are other forums with similar comments. While I support freedom of speech and accept “who cares?”, “people die every day by various causes” comments, there are insulting ones among them.

I agree that Youtube doesn’t have a great way of discussing things, mostly because of the young demographic. I have to admit that Youtube removed lot’s of stuff and that the majority of comments can’t be criticized. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to see all comments. I’d like to know what people wrote as she was still alive.

“Lol she deserved it.”

“she brought it down upon herself, was stupid and got what she deserved
I don’t see why the hell would anyone defend her”

There are much more aggressive and insulting comments.

People making fun of it right away. Posting picture of her with bleach or with insulting text. Things you can’t file as “humor/parody”. One showed a picture where the upper part was missing and called it “[Insert her name] topless”; well you may find this funny after a couple of months have passed, but right after her suicide?

Now I wrap it up and ignore them. I found it difficult to ignore them.

Rest in peace – Amanda Todd!


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