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Inspirational Award; Nominees

18. Nov 2012

Alright then, here are my nominees…

Be assured that the order doesn’t matter at all.

Here’s what I did:
– I picked those I’d like to include
– I removed those that don’t have any time or most likely no interest
– Select and choose until 15 are left
– I stripped the list down to just the blog/domain name and sorted the list
– I rolled three dice and decided to list those on top with the highest result
(example: dice 1: 5; dice 2: 2; dice 3: 6; result 526)
– I decided to subtract 1 from the result if reoccurring until it’s unique
(I had to do this once)

Please remember that (luckily) different people have different opinions. You and me don’t have to agree with them. And if I like one thing about them doesn’t mean I like all things.

The nominees (highest result topmost):
Truly technical, Firefox developer, without FF things may have turned in a different way
One of the first blog I read since I’m here on wordpress
Also technical and also a FF developer
Learning something new can be fun
Awesome stuff you can do with CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript
Security researcher, writes software too
German political content
Makes you think
Somehow it’s sometimes related to my site
First blog that discovered me, after I opened my blog here; Really some inspiring stuff; what can be all achieved
About breaking and entering; and defending against; hope to understand it better
Discovered lately, I soaked it in. Well it’s math, but it’s awesome. Well explained. He – for sure – can explain the chances about the position he got
THE blog for me, probably the blog I read the most since I discovered it, probably contributed to the fact I have my own blog
Mostly about GPU hardware and coding for it, OpenGL, OpenCL and so on
I’d refer to it as a software blog, with own creations as well

In General it’s hard to pick. I hope nobody is disappointed to be not listed. Back in the old days there where some *very* inspiring blogs. Unfortunately they are all down.

I excluded some that I may had included otherwise; like the Tor Blog, which is informative, but can be inspiring too. To be honest I don’t know if I would be writing here without Tor. Well I had a blog before, then stopped writing. Some when I wanted to have a blog and talk about what I talk about right now, but there wasn’t the need and it was quite stupid. Maybe it still is.

Music is something I excluded as well. I’d like to point you to, her blog, her other blog with recipes

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