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The Tor Project about its transparency, finances and more

29. Nov 2012

We publish all of our related tax documents because we believe in transparency.

That’s great: Anonymity for people – Transparency for organizations.

All US non-profit organizations are required by law to make their tax filings available to the public on request by US citizens.

Prior to their blog post I didn’t know that they could keep it “secret” and reveal it only on request. And then only to US citizens if they would want.

We want to make them available for all.

They do not only want to do so, they actually do.

Part of our transparency is simply publishing the tax documents for your review. The other part is publishing what we’re working on in detail. We hope you’ll join us in furthering our mission (a) to develop, improve and distribute free, publicly available tools and programs that promote free speech, free expression, civic engagement and privacy rights online; (b) to conduct scientific research regarding, and to promote the use of and knowledge about, such tools, programs and related issues around the world; (c) to educate the general public around the world about privacy rights and anonymity issues connected to Internet use.

Yes, please help if you can.

All of this means you can look through all of our source code, including our design documents, and all open tasks, enhancements, and bugs available on our tracking system. Our research reports are available as well. From a technical perspective, all of this free software, documentation, and code allows you and others to assess the safety and trustworthiness of our research and development. On another level, we have a 10 year track record of doing high quality work, saying what we’re going to do, and doing what we said.

Just click on view tickets to get to the tickets.

The world is moving towards new norms for reduced personal privacy and control. This makes anonymity all that more rare and valuable. Please help keep us going through getting involved, donations, or advocating for a free Internet with privacy, anonymity, and keeping control of your identity.

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