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About the draft of the Communications Data Bill

2. Dec 2012

The proposed “Communications Data Bill” [Draft PDF] which affects residents of the United Kingdom most, but will obviously have an impact on communication partners around the world, could invade your privacy to an high degree. The proposed bill requires data retention of contact information. It does not aim to store the content, just the metadata; but remember metadata is content.

The Open Rights Group about this bill.

The position of the Tor Project on the draft of the bill can be found here.

Data retention isn’t all that useful. Germany had data retention laws and according to the EU we still should have them or re-enable them. Statistics have shown that crimes can’t be prosecuted faster/better with (more) data retention. A German court said it violates fundamental rights; but drafted ways how it would be possible to be conform with our constitution. The EU still wants data retention. Luckily there are people fighting it.

I also dislike data retention. I dislike to waive fundamental rights for a little, if any, additional security (against terrorism for instance). Nobody should put the whole world, not even a single continent or a whole country under general suspicion.

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