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Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-3 released

8. Feb 2013

Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-3 got released.

Update: Only update if your systems does not use AESNI. Version 1.0.1d of OpenSSL has problems with it, the bundle won’t work then. So better not update this time.

Ticket for the bug in Tor’s bugtracker is #8179. Mailinglist post on Tor-talk.

Please wait for a new version.

You could get it here, but the link was downgraded to offer the previous version.


Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1d
Update HTTPS Everywhere to 3.1.3
Update NoScript to

Due to a lack of maintainers the possible fix for the bug Vidalia has not been reviewed, yet. You still can’t edit the torrc from within Vidalia. See this post on how to get around it.

Checksums for “tor-browser-2.3.25-3_en-US.exe”

SHA-1: 3D87C09D4897979A4A7DC1112227883E1CF5FA80
SHA-256: C39DC1E7E7578123411C12A2FFFE555EC6F481939D61BB52A6FD8F44A8A492C7
SHA-512: 7E0D2AE9905B0B3E495C8BA08C7B197B9A017AA3E89D7AB970D7C019C0C755E0D5E4F90C18AD5D62D0FAEC048C93631FF69D338F7C49D8FF76E7D2C515711133

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  1. Anticensor-Bundles now called Pluggable Transport Bundles:

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