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Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-4 released

22. Feb 2013

You can get it here.

I won’t mirror it this time. It is not getting us anywhere, anyway.


Update Firefox to 17.0.3esr
Downgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.0k
Update libpng to 1.5.14
Update NoScript to
Firefox patch changes:
Exempt remote @font-face fonts from font limits (and prefer them).
(closes: #8270)
Remote fonts (aka “User Fonts”) are not a fingerprinting threat, so
they should not count towards our CSS font count limits. Moreover,
if a CSS font-family rule lists any remote fonts, those fonts are
preferred over the local fonts, so we do not reduce the font count
for that rule.
This vastly improves rendering and typography for many websites.
Disable WebRTC in Firefox build options. (closes: #8178)
WebRTC isn’t slated to be enabled until Firefox 18, but the code
was getting compiled in already and is capable of creating UDP Sockets
and bypassing Tor. We disable it from build as a safety measure.
Move prefs.js into omni.ja and extension-overrides. (closes: #3944)
This causes our browser pref changes to appear as defaults. It also
means that future updates of TBB should preserve user pref settings.
Fix a use-after-free that caused crashing on MacOS (closes: #8234)
Eliminate several redundant, useless, and deprecated Firefox pref settings
Report Firefox 17.0 as the Tor Browser user agent
Use Firefox’s click-to-play barrier for plugins instead of NoScript
Set the Tor SOCKS+Control ports to 9150, 9151 respectively on all platforms
This fixes a SOCKS race condition with our SOCKS autoport configuration
and HTTPS-Everywhere’s Tor test. Firefox 17 appears to cache proxy
settings per URL now, which resulted in a proxy error for if we lost the race.
Torbutton was updated to 1.5.0. The following issues were fixed:
Remove old toggle observers and related code (closes: #5279)
Simplify Security Preference UI and associated pref updates (closes: #3100)
Eliminate redundancy in our Flash/plugin disabling code (closes: #7470)
Leave most preferences under Tor Browser’s control (closes: #3944)
Disable toggle-on-startup and crash detection logic (closes: #7974)
Disable/remove toggle-mode code and related observers (closes: #5379)
Add menu hint to Torbutton icon (closes: #6431)
Make Torbutton icon flash a warning symbol if TBB is out of date (closes: #7495)
Perform version check every time there’s a new tab. (closes: #6096)
Rate limit version check queries to once every 1.5hrs max. (closes: #6156)
misc: Allow WebGL and DOM storage.
misc: Disable independent Torbutton updates
misc: Change the recommended SOCKSPort to 9150 (to match TBB)

The following Firefox patch changes are also included in this release:

Isolate image cache to url bar domain (closes: #5742 and #6539)
Enable DOM storage and isolate it to url bar domain (closes: #6564)
Include nsIHttpChannel.redirectTo API for HTTPS-Everywhere (closes: #5477)
Misc preference changes:
Disable DOM performance timers (dom.enable_performance) (closes: #6204)
Disable HTTP connection retry timeout (network.http.connection-retry-timeout) (closes: #7656)
Disable full path information for plugins (plugin.expose_full_path) (closes: #6210)
Disable NoScript’s block of remote WebFonts (noscript.forbidFonts) (closes: #7937)

SHA-1: 4FB062DEE13054F690CE3E8D8D5F60F12525BA3F
SHA-256: ACFF090E08875C56030E8D0C4E1FA590C675A2F70A7002A506E147B6E0199418
SHA-512: 49E02C5CE8EC5DE2870BD30C1BCF01F450AB88D6C99DB4399AA1291599C17BFB19E85E3FD52ECD0F85BE4B449A7A0E01B7C5502E693CD1F6B2F9452F369224AE

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