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Tails 0.17 released

27. Feb 2013

You are urged to update as soon as you can.


Notable user-visible changes include:

New features
Install the KeePassX password manager, with a configuration and documentation that makes it easy to persist the password database.
Upgrade to Iceweasel 17.0.3esr-1+tails1~bpo60+1.
Do not allow listing all available fonts.
Improve default spellchecker dictionary selection.
Disable the add-ons automatic update feature.
Remove NoScript click-to-play confirmation.
Sync some prefs set by Torbutton, to be ready when it stops setting these.
Disable navigation timing.
Disable SPDY.
More aggressive iceweasel HTTP pipelining settings.
Enable WebGL (as click-to-play only).
Disable network.http.connection-retry-timeout.
Disable full path information for plugins.
Remove NoScript blocks of WebFonts.
Minor improvements
Upgrade to live-boot 3.0~b11-1 and live-config 3.0.12-1.
Don’t add “quiet” to the kernel command-line ourselves.
Upgrade I2P to 0.9.4.
Many bugfixes brought by the Debian Squeeze 6.0.7 point-release.
Use the regular GnuPG agent + pinentry-gtk2 instead of Seahorse as a GnuPG agent. This fixes usage of OpenPGP in Claws Mail, and brings support for OpenPGP smartcards.
Enable I2P hidden mode. Else, killing I2P ungracefully is bad for the I2P network.
Add shutdown and reboot launchers to the menu. This workarounds the lack of a shutdown helper applet in camouflage mode.
Remove Pidgin’s MXit and Sametime support to workaround security flaws.
Hardware support
Install recent Intel and AMD microcode.
Install firmware loader for Qualcomm Gobi USB chipsets.
Upgrade barry to 0.18.3-5~bpo60+1.
Tails USB Installer: update translations for Arabic, Czech, German, Hebrew, Polish and Spanish.
tails-greeter: update Spanish and French translations, new Polish translation.
tails-persistence-setup: update translations for Arabic, Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish and Chinese.
WhisperBack: update Spanish and Korean translations, import new Polish translation.


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