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Water; commercial or public?

26. Mar 2013

The EU attempts to liberate the market for drinking water.

With other words, water might be privatized and exploited for the financial gain of companies.

I, for myself, haven’t seen any improvement with privatization of things like public transports or waste disposal.

One example of privatization comes from the US where prisons are maintained by private investors. A state should want empty prisons, but how could a private investor ever want that? Re-socialization is part of imprisonment and should keep you out of prison, but for a private investor you are more worth if you come back.

Well that has nothing to do with water, but the UK can showcase how dreadful privatization of water can be. Their water didn’t got better, exactly the opposite has happened. Their infrastructure got not maintained properly. Water didn’t cost less either, quite the opposite happened.

Please read about the plans and make your voice be heard.

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