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Moving Peace4Ward acting!

26. Apr 2013

Grow your innerself


Hey there you..  Great bloggers,

We haved to start somewhere, somehow.. if we want more Peace in our lives.  A movening experience for all of us.. For now I say, ‘Move Peace4ward.‘  We all can stop the hate, the bad things that’s going on in this world. Go for the positive, ‘infect’ other people with the good! Can you do that? I believe you can do this.. That we can do this together.. By acting, not only by words! If you are into this, then show it..

I’m working together with my friend on a special project where people can come together. There will be a special name for it and a logo. We going to work with several social media. There will be a place for stories and idea’s, suggestions from you, a place for video’s and interviews. Also will there be a place for shirts with…

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  1. Reblogging works nicely. No broken https, no images missing, no broken style…

    That’s what my contribution can be, at least.

  2. This is filled under “General” because it’s about Freedom. It goes hand in hand with Free Speech.

    Peace without Freedom seems a lot harder to achieve.

  3. Thank you so much.

    Love and Peace, Summer

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