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Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-8 released

14. May 2013

Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-8 has been released.



Update Firefox to 17.0.6esr
Update HTTPS Everywhere to 3.2
Update Torbutton to 1.5.2
Update libpng to 1.5.15
Update NoScript to
Firefox patch changes:

Apply font limits to @font-face local() fonts and disable fallback
rendering for @font-face. (closes: #8455)
Use Optimistic Data SOCKS handshake (improves page load performance).
(closes: #3875)
Honor the Windows theme for inverse text colors (without leaking those
colors to content). (closes: #7920)
Increase pipeline randomization and try harder to batch pipelined
requests together. (closes: #8470)
Fix an image cache isolation domain key misusage. May fix several image
cache related crash bugs with New Identity, exit, and certain websites.
(closes: #8628)

Torbutton changes:

Allow session restore if the user allows disk actvity (closes: #8457)
Remove the Display Settings panel and associated locales (closes: #8301)
Fix “Transparent Torification” option. (closes: #6566)
Fix a hang on New Identity. (closes: #8642)

Build changes:

Fetch our source deps from an https mirror (closes: #8286)
Create watch scripts for syncing mirror sources and monitoring mirror
integrity (closes: #8338)

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