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Tor Flashproxy Badge hits version 0.1.x

1. Jun 2013

Remember my post about Flash proxy?

Even if not the Firefox add-on “Tor Flashproxy Badge” developed by Christian Sturm, working similar like “Cupcake” for Chrome, has been reworked.

All you have to do is add it to your Firefox (version 18+) and you’ll be a great help to censored users.

You don’t have to worry about legal issues as you are just an entry point.

It bumps to version 0.1.x, while 0.1.1 fixes a display bug. Now you see how many censored users you helped instead of total connections, which were the doubled amount as it connects to the client and the server.

Source-code can be viewed on the Mozilla add-ons page and on GitHub, where you can contribute, learn about the add-on or report bugs.

The add-on is “install and forget”. It works out of the box, there is no configuration needed and currently not even possible.

Changes from versions prior to 0.1.x:

  • Integrate stripped-down version of flash-proxy.js (instead of fetching if from the host)
  • Add a panel to show status and connection information
  • Replace the badge with a simple icon (which takes less space)
  • Decouple function from being bound to the interface
  • Basic events, which can be extended in the future
  • Don’t set a cookie, since it doesn’t rely on it anymore
  • Show the number of users helped
  • What you can contribute to the add-on?

    Create a logo to be shown on the Mozilla add-ons page and in the Firefox add-ons menu. (See #5)

    It would be nice to have another icon to look more unique and represent the state of the proxy a little bit better. (See #6)

    Find bugs and report them, contribute code to the add-on.


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