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TorBrowserBundle 3.5 has been released

19. Dec 2013

The 2.x stable series of the Tor Browser Bundle has officially been deprecated, and all non-censored users are encouraged to upgrade to the 3.5 series. Pluggable Transport bundle users should still hold tight for the 3.6beta series, which will include pluggable transport support by default.

Packages are now available from the Tor download page as well as the Tor Package archive.

For people already using TBB 3.5rc1, the changes are not substantial, and are included below.

However, for users of TBB 2.x and 3.0, this release includes important security updates to Firefox. All users are strongly encouraged to update immediately, as they will not be making further releases in the 2.x or 3.0 series.

In terms of user-facing changes from TBB 2.x, the 3.x series primarily features the replacement of Vidalia with a Firefox-based Tor controller called Tor Launcher. This has resulted in a vast decrease in startup times, and a vast increase in usability. They have also begun work on an FAQ page to handle common questions arising from this transition.

Please note that this is a new naming scheme for the Browser Bundle.

Full change log for the 3.x series:

Tor Browser Bundle 3.5 — Dec 17 2013
* All Platforms
* Update Tor to
* Update Tor Launcher to
* Bug 10382: Fix a Tor Launcher hang on TBB exit
* Update Torbutton to
* Misc: Switch update download URL back to download-easy

Tor Browser Bundle 3.5rc1 — Dec 12 2013
* All Platforms
* Update Firefox to 24.2.0esr
* Update NoScript to
* Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 3.4.4tbb (special TBB tag)
* Tag includes a patch to handle enabling/disabling Mixed Content Blocking
* Bug 5060: Disable health report service
* Bug 10367: Disable prompting about health report and Mozilla Sync
* Misc Prefs: Disable HTTPS-Everywhere first-run tooltips
* Misc Prefs: Disable layer acceleration to avoid crashes on Windows
* Misc Prefs: Disable Mixed Content Blocker pending backport of Mozilla Bug 878890
* Update Tor Launcher to
* Bug 10147: Adblock Plus interferes w/Tor Launcher dialog
* Bug 10201: FF ESR 24 hangs during exit on Mac OS
* Bug 9984: Support running Tor Launcher from InstantBird
* Misc: Support browser directory location API changes in Firefox 24
* Update Torbutton to
* Bug 10352: Clear FF24 Private Browsing Mode data during New Identity
* Bug 8167: Update cache isolation for FF24 API changes
* Bug 10201: FF ESR 24 hangs during exit on Mac OS
* Bug 10078: Properly clear crypto tokens during New Identity on FF24
* Bug 9454: Support changes to Private Browsing Mode and plugin APIs in FF24
* Linux
* Bug 10213; Use LD_LIBRARY_PATH (fixes launch issues on old Linux distros)

Tor Browser Bundle 3.0rc1 — Nov 21 2013
* All Platforms:
* Update Firefox to 17.0.11esr
* Update Tor to
* Remove unsupported PDF.JS addon from the bundle
* Bug #7277: TBB’s Tor client will now omit its timestamp in the TLS handshake.
* Update Torbutton to
* Bug #10002: Make the TBB3.0 blog tag our update download URL for now
* Windows
* Bug #10102: Patch binutils to remove nondeterministic bytes in compiled binaries
* Linux
* Bug #10049: Fix architecture check to work from outside TBB’s directory
* Bug #10126: Remove libz and firefox-bin, and strip unstripped binaries
* Misc: Disable Firefox updater during compile time (in addition to pref)

Tor Browser Bundle 3.0beta1 — Oct 31 2013
* All Platforms:
* Update Firefox to 17.0.10esr
* Update NoScript to
* Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 3.4.2
* Bug #9114: Reorganize the bundle directory structure to ease future
* Bug #9173: Patch Tor Browser to auto-detect profile directory if
launched without the wrapper script.
* Bug #9012: Hide Tor Browser infobar for missing plugins.
* Bug #8364: Change the default entry page for the addons tab to the
installed addons page.
* Bug #9867: Make flash objects really be click-to-play if flash is enabled.
* Bug #8292: Make getFirstPartyURI log+handle errors internally to simplify
caller usage of the API
* Bug #3661: Remove polipo and privoxy from the banned ports list.
* misc: Fix a potential memory leak in the Image Cache isolation
* misc: Fix a potential crash if OS theme information is ever absent
* Update Tor-Launcher to
* Bug #9114: Handle new directory structure
* misc: Tor Launcher now supports Thunderbird
* Update Torbutton to 1.6.4
* Bug #9224: Support multiple Tor socks ports for about:tor status check
* Bug #9587: Add TBB version number to about:tor
* Bug #9144: Workaround to handle missing translation properties
* Windows:
* Bug #9084: Fix startup crash on Windows XP.
* Linux:
* Bug #9487: Create detached debuginfo files for Linux Tor and Tor
Browser binaries.

Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha4 — Sep 24 2013
* All Platforms:
* Bug #8751: Randomize TLS HELLO timestamp in HTTPS connections
* Bug #9790 (workaround): Temporarily re-enable JS-Ctypes for cache
isolation and SSL Observatory
* Update Firefox to 17.0.9esr
* Update Tor to
* Update NoScript to
* Update Tor-Launcher to 0.2.2-alpha
* Bug #9675: Provide feedback mechanism for clock-skew and other early
startup issues
* Bug #9445: Allow user to enter bridges with or without ‘bridge’ keyword
* Bug #9593: Use UTF16 for Tor process launch to handle unicode paths.
* misc: Detect when Tor exits and display appropriate notification
* Update Torbutton to
* Bug 9492: Fix Torbutton logo on OSX and Windows (and related
initialization code)
* Bug 8839: Disable Google/Startpage search filters using Tor-specific urls

Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha3 — Aug 01 2013
* All Platforms:
* Update Firefox to 17.0.8esr
* Update Tor to
* Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 3.3.1
* Update NoScript to
* Improve build input fetching and authentication
* Bug #9283: Update NoScript prefs for usability.
* Bug #6152 (partial): Disable JSCtypes support at compile time
* Update Torbutton to 1.6.1
* Bug 8478: Change when window resize code fires to avoid rounding errors
* Bug 9331: Hack an update URL for the next TBB release
* Bug 9144: Change an aboutTor.dtd string so transifex will accept it
* Update Tor-Launcher to 0.2.1-alpha
* Bug #9128: Remove dependency on JSCtypes
* Windows
* Bug #9195: Disable download manager AV scanning (to prevent cloud
reporting+scanning of downloaded files)
* Mac:
* Bug #9173 (partial): Launch firefox-bin on MacOS instead of
(improves dock behavior).

Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha2 — June 27 2013
* All Platforms:
* Update Firefox to 17.0.7esr
* Update Tor to
* Include Tor’s GeoIP file
* This should fix custom torrc issues with country-based node
* Fix several build determinism issues
* Include ChangeLog in bundles.
* Linux:
* Use Ubuntu’s ‘hardening-wrapper’ to build our Linux binaries
* Windows:
* Fix many crash issues by disabling Direct2D support for now.
* Mac:
* Bug 8987: Disable TBB’s ‘Saved Application State’ disk records on OSX 10.7+

Tor Browser Bundle 3.0alpha1 — June 17 2013
* All Platforms:
* Remove Vidalia; Use the new Tor Launcher Firefox Addon instead
* Update Torbutton to 1.6.0
* bug 7494: Create a local home page for TBB as about:tor
* misc: Perform a control port test of proper Tor configuration by default.
Only use if the control port is
* misc: Add an icon menu option for Tor Launcher’s Network Settings
* misc: Add branding string overrides (primarily controls browser name and
* Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 3.2.2
* Update NoScript to
* Update PDF.JS to 0.8.1
* Windows:
* Use MinGW-w64 (via Gitian) to cross-compile the bundles from Ubuntu
* Use TBB-Windows-Installer to guide Windows users through TBB extraction
* Temporarily disable WebGL and Accessibility support due to minor MinGW
* Mac:
* Use ‘Toolchain4’ fork by Ray Donnelley to cross-compile the bundles from


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