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Tor Browser Bundle 3.5.1 released

28. Jan 2014

This release includes Tor and support for screen readers for the blind users on Windows.

As always you can download it from its usual place.

  • All Platforms
    • Bug 10447: Remove SocksListenAddress to allow multiple socks ports.
    • Bug 10464: Remove from NoScript whitelist
    • Bug 10530: Build an Arabic version of TBB 3.5
    • Update Torbutton to
      • Bug 9486: Clear NoScript Temporary Permissions on New Identity
      • Include Arabic translations
    • Update Tor Launcher to
      • Include Arabic translations
    • Update Tor to
    • Update OpenSSL to 1.0.1f
    • Update NoScript to
    • Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 3.4.5
  • Windows
    • Bug 9259: Enable Accessibility (screen reader) support
  • Mac
    • misc: Update bundle version field in Info.plist (for MacUpdates service)
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