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Tails 0.22.1 has been released

11. Feb 2014

All users are advised to update as soon as they can.

Download it from its homepage.


  • Security fixes
    • Upgrade the web browser to 24.3.0esr, that fixes a few serious security issues.
    • Upgrade the system NSS to 3.14.5, that fixes a few serious security issues.
    • Workaround a browser size fingerprinting issue by using small icons in the web browser’s navigation toolbar.
    • Upgrade Pidgin to 2.10.8, that fixes a number of serious security issues.
  • Major improvements
    • Check for upgrades availability using Tails Upgrader, and propose to apply an incremental upgrade whenever possible.
    • Install Linux 3.12 (3.12.6-2).
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix the keybindings problem introduced in 0.22.
    • Fix the Unsafe Browser problem introduced in 0.22.
    • Use IE’s icon in Windows camouflage mode.
    • Handle some corner cases better in Tails Installer.
    • Use the correct browser homepage in Spanish locales.
  • Minor improvements
    • Update Torbutton to
    • Do not start Tor Browser automatically, but notify when Tor
      is ready.
    • Import latest Tor Browser prefs.
    • Many user interface improvements in Tails Upgrader.

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