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Tor Browser 3.6.5 has been released

6. Sep 2014

Tor Browser 3.6.5 has been released. The main reason to update are the bugs that have been fixed in the underlying Firefox version. More details about them here.

Like always you can download it from its main website or from one of the mirrors. Which you probably have if you are reading it here instead of following the Tor Blog, which would be much easier and faster, so I assume that it is blocked for you.

The changes are:

  • All Platforms
    • Update Firefox to 24.8.0esr
    • Update NoScript to
    • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 4.0.0
    • Update Torbutton to
      • Bug 12684: New strings for canvas image extraction message
      • Bug 8940: Move RecommendedTBBVersions file to
      • Bug 9531: Workaround to avoid rare hangs during New Identity
    • Bug 12684: Improve Canvas image extraction permissions prompt
    • Bug 7265: Only prompt for first party canvas access. Log all scripts
      that attempt to extract canvas images to Browser console.
    • Bug 12974: Disable NTLM and Negotiate HTTP Auth
    • Bug 2874: Remove Components.* from content access (regression)
    • Bug 9881: Open popups in new tabs by default
  • Linux:
    • Bug 12103: Adding RELRO hardening back to browser binaries.

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