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What is this all about:

This blog is about me babbling about anonymity, privacy, security and other things along those lines. It’s entirely private and doesn’t serve commercial interests.

Sometimes a shortlink can be handy. It’s provided by wordpress. links to this blog. Please note that this is an http:// link, because the redirecting service gives security warnings when https:// is used.

I tried to put together what you might give away when you visit or interact with this blog.
I called it collected data.

See what happens when you leave a comment.

Please read the disclaimer.

See how I handle “backups” and what I do to reduce the risk of malware.

You can read how to contact me on the “Contact page“.

I put the content of my blog under a Creative Commons License. It’s on every page at the bottom. You can read about it here. certificate details. I updated this information on 26th March 2012 and when you see something different you should be more careful.
Try to figure out why that could be the case.
Issued for *
Organization *
Serial: 4E:C4:67:78:4B:9F:97
Issued by: Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority
Organization:, Inc.
Issue date: 14th October 2010
Valid until: 14th October 2015
SHA1: 4D:AF:92:8D:30:39:74:A0:C6:D3:54:B6:CB:A2:54:66:59:FE:D4:FA
MD5: 94:FC:2E:2B:0A:77:85:AB:A7:66:AD:C3:A7:0F:1E:EC

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