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I speak German and English.

For your own privacy, anonymity (or pseudonymity) and confidentiality of what you send on any channel you choose, please make sure that you use secure connections (like HTTPS), use encryption whenever you can and use Tor, if applicable.

Email (preferred)

My GPG key-id is: 0x2B944DAE

Instead of publishing the public key here, it’s recommended that you get it from a keyserver, because it should be fresher and the keyserver might tell you if I revoked the key.
It’s better to have two channels, since one could replace the key on this page with his own. Well he still could change the ID and the fingerprint.

The fingerprint of this key is: BFE9 0DE5 15B6 F548 CDE2 9893 9902 921C 2B94 4DAE

For sending emails you should be able to obtain email addresses based on the key.

However, before you have to invest time here is one: bastik.tor AT


If you just want to give me some kind of Feedback or anything, please do it here.


You can talk to me in the OFTC IRC. I can be found in a Tor related channel. My nickname is bastik_tor, which is also registered there.
I recommend you to check if I could identify to services. If I am not identified, especially without giving any reason, don’t trust me more than you would trust a total stranger.

OFTC IRC obfuscates the IP address of connecting users via Tor; you should expect me to use Tor. However anybody could impersonate me, provided they get my data, and use Tor to hide their location.

OFTC IRC: irc://
(6697 is SSL-encrypted; 6667 is not encrypted and therefore not recommended)


I support the usage of Cryprocat 2.0 (onwards) so we can have an encrypted conversation quickly.
Please note that Cryptocat is experimental you shouldn’t trust it with your life.

Cryptocat is very easy to set-up. Our communications are encrypted by default, there’s no configuration possible where encryption is not applied. When used with Tor communicating parties are protected by the Tor network.

General IM/Jabber/XMPP

We can talk through Jabber as well. My name there is bastik

OTR Support: Yes.

SecureIM Support: Yes, Miranda only! (AES/RSA please)
DB 44 20 7A EF D7 21 18 11 63 87 BD FF D4 0E 49 2F 85 70 AC


I support the use of TorChat.
This is more of a legacy option, because by default TorChat is bundled with its own Tor binary and it will put load on the Tor network, while using hidden services. This is probably not so good for the network, but if you want to choose it I’m willing to use it.

Maybe it will be improved. I’m not going to publish the contact info for it, here.