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Here you can leave me some Feedback. Please note that you’ll have to enter a name and an email address. Please use a https connection to submit your data.

After you clicked on “submit” the data you entered will be written to this document, so you can save the page or print it out. Please note that it won’t be published to anyone.

Note that your feedback will be screened for SPAM and ends up in a Google-mail account (at least for now).

Also note that I can see your name, email address and the IP address where the feedback was made from.

I promise to delete your feedback and therefore the name, email address and the IP address once
a) you ask me to do so.
b) I replied to you and the topic can be considered as done.

Note that I can’t selectively remove names or addresses. I just can remove the feedback you sent me. It’s all or nothing.

The check-box “I expect you to reply.” should tell me if you want to hear from me or not. Your message might even ask for a reply and I’ll follow that suggestion with or without this box checked. I don’t promise to answer you in any case.