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I guessed that I should put the stuff I’m writing under a license.

I picked the Creative Commons By-Share Alike 3.0 license. You can read the actual details here.

You can see it on the bottom of every page.

Please understand that this only applies to my content. The license of third-party content does remain unchanged. You still need the permission of the copyright holder.

You can freely copy my content and share it elsewhere, with or without modification when you link back to the content or otherwise attribute it and comply with the license. I gave and give permission to use it for commercial purposes when the license is acknowledged and complied with.

Should a law grant you more rights than my license does that law overrides the license I chose. For instance Public Domain is not acknowledged where I live, as it is impossible to have no owner. One can give away all its rights but can’t sell or give up the ownership. Any content that would be Public Domain under certain law is still Public Domain as far as the law reaches.

As copyright holder I’m allowed to waive the license or part of it. I’m willing to do so. Just contact me.

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