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This is something about me.

First Name: Sebastian

Last Name: G. (It starts with a G, that’s all)

Location: I live within the EU

Nationality: German (you shouldn’t care at all)

Sex: male (in case you should care about that, what you probably shouldn’t)

I included my sex and nationality for the purpose of completion. I don’t care if anyone is female, male or doesn’t tell me. I don’t care about anyones nationality.

Nicknames: bastik

the above one was the first one I created. Sometimes it’s already taken. Because it was taken for Tor I used bastik.tor and bastik_tor as IRC doesn’t accept dots. For this blog I used bastikononion, because bastik was already taken.

Languages: German; English

I DO NOT work in the field of IT, security or related fields. I’m not a programmer. I’m just saying it to make sure you don’t overestimate what I’m writing. I’m employed and work full-time in the case you should care about my employment state.

Although I used “Research” as category I’m not a researcher.

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