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Details about Atlas

Since Atlas is in beta state there might be changes. This document is valid up to, at least, October 2012.

Atlas tells you about nickname(s) it has found, the advertised bandwidth, uptime, location (country), IP address, flags assigned, port for onion-router connections and port for directory connections.

Once you click on a nickname you get the following information.

  • Nickname – The name chosen by the relay operator
  • OR Addresses – IP address(es) and port(s) the relay is listening on
  • Contact – Contact information how to reach the operator, if any
  • Dir Address – IP address and port the relay listens for directory requests, if any
  • Advertised Bandwidth – The bandwidth configured by the operator, which the relay is capable of
  • Exit Policy Summary – A summary where this relay can exit to or not
  • Exit Policy – The full exit policy about where it can exit to or not
  • Fingerprint – Unique identifier
  • Flags – Flags that were assigned by the directory authorities
  • Country code – Where the relay is hosted according to a GeoIP database and the first OR address
  • AS Number – Autonomous System Number
  • AS Name – Autonomous System Name
  • Last restarted – When this relay was last (re-)started
  • Family members – Other relays operated by the same operator, if any (has to be set by the operator)
  • Descriptor Published – When the relay last published its descriptor to the authorities (doesn’t seem to work, yet)
  • Platform – Version and platform the relay uses
  • Uptime – How long the relay is running, since its last restart
  • Running – If it’s currently running or not

Beside these information you see some graphs. It was planned to merge them to avoid too much scrolling.

The first set of graphs shows the bandwidth history.

The second set of graphs shows four network statuses and how the changed over time.

  • Advertised bandwidth fraction – Advertised bandwidth of this relay compared to the total bandwidth of the network
  • Consensus weight fraction – How much “weight” this relay had compared to the whole network
  • Guard probability – How likely it was this relay was picked as Guard for a circuit
  • Exit probability – How likely it was this relay was picked as Exit for a circuit

Atlas makes use of Onionoo.

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