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Beside SPAM via email, where the senders usually don’t waste their own bandwidth, there’s forum an comment SPAM and I’m unsure about how their approach is there.

For email SPAM it still has to be efficient enough to write the message and make infected systems send them out. There are SPAM-filters, which are great, but people still buy the advertised products or services.

I consider comment SPAM to be less efficient, when there is a SPAM-filter. Akismet is doing a good job. I still see the SPAM, but it’s marked as such. While some SPAM targets me alone other SPAM could be considered to be interesting for readers.

Here’s what I got:

  • Sex-Dates
  • Viagra
  • Wedding dresses and related clothing
  • Pages with no content that offer me their domain
  • Download files (Software, Audio, Video)
  • Gold for MMORPGs
  • Blogs without content, other than ads
  • Advertisement that I don’t understand, because of the language

The above list is sorted by the amount of SPAM. I may left something out, just because I forgot that it was posted. Please note that every single one of this messages was caught by Akismet.

I have never seen any SPAM email that advertised Viagra to me, although I hear that complaint for decades. It’s obvious to me that SEO-SPAM doesn’t get distributed via email SPAM. The sex related email SPAM is different, too. While sex dates with strangers get advertised via comment SPAM I saw emails from individual girls (at least that was what they claimed to be) that looked for “adventures”. Other emails offered “Fun with our girls!”.

I receive email SPAM at a very low volume. For this blog it’s different. It’s not that much and I can live with it, but I would like spammers to give up.

I find it interesting that the bots that leave the SPAM don’t care about the content on the site. It would be “nice” to see SPAM that’s related to content on my blog.

I’ll update this page for more SPAM I got and maybe even make fun of some stuff I get.

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