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I won the lottery

Something made it through the SPAM filter and wasn’t marked as junk. It’s pretty interesting that it made its way in my inbox.

Dear Internet User,

This Email is to inform you that you emerged a winner of the sum of 750,000.00 Euros in the Heineken Grant with the following numbers attached Ref Number: PW [XXXX] ES [XXXX],Batch Number:[XXXXXXXXX]-NL/2012 and Ticket Number: PP[X] [XXXX-XX] on our online draws which was played on the year 2012.

For further Information about your Winnings,contact your Lottery Claims Officer with the following contact Address Below.

Mr. Wine [scrubbed]
Email: [scurbbed]

You will provide him with the following information:

First name:
Last Name:
Telephone/Fax number:
Home Address:

Congratulations! Thank you for being a user of the World Wide Web.

Please do not reply to such mails. Generally emails that ask you for the information should be deleted, unless you do business with them.

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