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I don’t have access to the data that are stored for this instance so I can’t create full backups.

However I can export an XML file which I consider as backup. It may help me to recover content in the case that something goes wrong and is not able to fix it.

I don’t do these backups frequently. I keep them for a while, before overwriting them.

The XML files contains email addresses and IP addresses. Since I consider these information confidential to some degree I take care.

  • I download the XML file over https.
  • I archive each of them with 7zip to an encrypted .7z archive. The encryption 7zip uses is AES-256.
  • Each archive is encrypted with its own password.
  • The archives are stored locally only.
  • The XML file will be overwritten with a 3-pass algorithm right after the archive is created.



For private purposes I use a crawler to create a local “mirror”. The crawler is run even more infrequently than I create “backups”. Mostly to avoid unnecessary traffic.

The crawler is not included in the stats. It does not create any hits. Since this “mirror” contains only information that are accessible by anyone I do not encrypt it.




You can download 7-Zip here. It’s open source software.
The crawler is HTTrack which can be downloaded here. It’s open source software.

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