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Off Topic

Stuff that isn’t related to anonymity, privacy or security.

Please note that none of these categories aim to be complete.

Amnesty International – Human Rights

Software – Office
LibreOffice – Free open source office suite

Software – Internet
Firefox – Free open source web-browser
>>> HTTPS Everywhere – Add-on for Firefox that redirects to https:// based on rulesets
Thunderbird – Free open source email-client
>>> Enigmail – Asymmetric encryption (GnuPG/OpenPGP) add-on for Thunderbird

Software – Pictures
Greenshot – Free open source screenshot tool (Windows only, for now)
PNGGauntlet – Free image compression tool (PNG output), saves much space, (Windows only)
Trimage – Free open source image compression tool (PNG and JPG), not tried, (Not for Windows, yet)
GIMP – Free open source image (photo) editor with tons of features

Software – Other
BOINC – Distributed computing
>>> SIMAP – Project for BOINC, computing the similarities and domains of proteins

Open Source Games or Engines
Spring RTS – Cross platform game engine (If I just wouldn’t be so bad at RTS games)
>>> Zero-K – RTS with the Spring engine, futuristic
0 A.D. – Historical RTS written in JavaScript, Cross platform (currently in alpha, but playable)
Armagetron Advanced – TRON like racing, Cross platform (I’m not really good at it, but I had much fun)

Matroska – Free open source multimedia container for audio and/or video streams
FLAC – stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, music
Vorbis – Free opens source lossy audio codec, music
Speex – Free opens source lossy audio codec, speech
Opus – Free open source audio codec, speech & music
VP8/WebM – Free open source video codec (VP8) in an open source container (WebM)

OpenStreetMap – Free open source map service

OpenCL – An Open Computing Language

Technology News – Technology News Blog

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