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I care about your security and while the disclaimer should make you feel like you are responsible for your own devices I try to ensure that doesn’t do anything bad.

For browsing the web I recommend using HTTPS whenever possible, even when you don’t enter personal information. This blog is available over HTTPS ( Some resources may not be loaded over HTTPS and therefore result in a warning with some browsers.

100% security does not exist and malware scanners fail from time to time. The screening gives only snapshots of states and might not represent the current state.

Every content I provide was scanned (at least one of them)
a) on my system.
b) by or

Every website I link to was
a) visited before (and it did nothing to my system).
b) checked for a WOT-rating that is not concerning.

See the WOT-rating for
See SiteAdvisors’ opinion of this blog. Well it doesn’t have one, yet.
See the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for

Scan of Sucuri SiteCheck

Scan of

Scan of

Scan of Quttera

Last updated on 2013-04-20

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